who is eb?

Who is eb?  What would I publish to the world?  I have been giving this a lot of thought and it is interesting to see how this adapts through time.  For now:

I am an mountain sport athlete, but not the most badass athlete going.  I am an engineer, but often have my head in the clouds so it’s hard to stay focused on the physical.  More truly, I am a traveller and adventurer – and like many who bide their time in wild places I am a thinker.

I have slowly manifested my life in to a global adventure, with help from sages through the various chapters of my past.  Now a bunch of hard dues and hard-work-karma are ripening, and I find myself actualizing several dreams a lifetime in the making.  Specifically:

  • traveling the world
  • skiing in big wild mountains
  • designing a new ground-up ski manufacturing facilty
  • paragliding around the globe and speedriding in the Alps
  • being deeply in love and building the framework for a home

Pretty sweet, huh?!

Anyway, my intention is not to fill a blog bragging about myself, but to attempt to narrate wild adventures and perhaps occasionally burp an insightful notion.

Please enjoy, give me feedback, and share with your friends!

elemental eb

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